1. Quantum Cosmology and the Laws of Nature: Scientific Perspectives on Divine Action.R. J. Russell, N. Murphy & C. J. Isham (eds.) - 1993 - Vatican Observatory.
  2.  47
    Quantum Concepts in Space and Time.Roger Penrose & C. J. Isham (eds.) - 1986 - New York ;Oxford University Press.
    Recent developments in quantum theory have focused attention on fundamental questions, in particular on whether it might be necessary to modify quantum mechanics to reconcile quantum gravity and general relativity. This book is based on a conference held in Oxford in the spring of 1984 to discuss quantum gravity. It brings together contributors who examine different aspects of the problem, including the experimental support for quantum mechanics, its strange and apparently paradoxical features, its underlying philosophy, and possible modifications to the (...)
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    Some Possible Roles for Topos Theory in Quantum Theory and Quantum Gravity.C. J. Isham & J. Butterfield - 2000 - Foundations of Physics 30 (10):1707-1735.
    We discuss some ways in which topos theory (a branch of category theory) can be applied to interpretative problems in quantum theory and quantum gravity. In Sec.1, we introduce these problems. In Sec.2, we introduce topos theory, especially the idea of a topos of presheaves. In Sec.3, we discuss several possible applications of topos theory to the problems in Sec.1. In Sec.4, we draw some conclusions.
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  4.  14
    Canonical Groups and the Quantization of Geometry and Topology.C. J. Isham - 1991 - In A. Ashtekar & J. Stachel (eds.), Conceptual Problems of Quantum Gravity. Birkhauser. pp. 358.
  5.  13
    Quantum Concepts in Space and Time. Proceedings of the Third Oxford Symposium on Quantum Gravity, Held at Oxford, UK, March 1984.R. Penrose & C. J. Isham - 1986 - In Roger Penrose & C. J. Isham (eds.), Quantum Concepts in Space and Time. New York ;Oxford University Press. pp. 1.
  6.  65
    Quantising on a Category.C. J. Isham - 2005 - Foundations of Physics 35 (2):271-297.
    We review the problem of finding a general framework within which one can construct quantum theories of non-standard models for space, or space-time. The starting point is the observation that entities of this type can typically be regarded as objects in a category whose arrows are structure-preserving maps. This motivates investigating the general problem of quantising a system whose ‘configuration space’ (or history-theory analogue) is the set of objects Ob(Q) in a category Q. We develop a scheme based on constructing (...)
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  7. Quantum Physics and Divine Action.R. J. Russell, N. Murphy & C. J. Isham (eds.) - 2001 - Vatican Observatory Publications.
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