Corrado Lorenzo [3]C. Lorenzo [2]Claudio Lorenzo [1]
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    Between the Needy and the Greedy: The Quest for a Just and Fair Ethics of Clinical Research.V. Garrafa, J. H. Solbakk, S. Vidal & C. Lorenzo - 2010 - Journal of Medical Ethics 36 (8):500-504.
    The acceleration of the market globalisation process over the last three decades has internationalised clinical research and influenced both the way in which it is funded and the development and application of research practices. In addition, in recent years international multicentre randomised clinical trials have become the model par excellence for research on new medicines. The neoliberal model of globalisation has induced a decline in state power, both with regard to establishing national research for health priorities and to influencing the (...)
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    Hidden Risks Associated with Clinical Trials in Developing Countries.C. Lorenzo, V. Garrafa, J. H. Solbakk & S. Vidal - 2010 - Journal of Medical Ethics 36 (2):111-115.
    The academic literature in research ethics has been marked in the past decade by a much broader focus on the need for the protection of developing communities subjected to international clinical trials. Because of the proximity of the revision of the Declaration of Helsinki, completed in October 2008, most papers have addressed the issue of a double standard of care following the use of placebo. However, other no less important issues, such as interactions between the lifestyles structures of low-income communities (...)
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