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    Danish Ethics Council Rejects Brain Death as the Criterion of Death -- Commentary 2: Return to Elsinore.C. Pallis - 1990 - Journal of Medical Ethics 16 (1):10-13.
    No discussion of when an individual is dead is meaningful in the absence of a definition of death. If human death is defined as the irreversible loss of the capacity for consciousness combined with the irreversible loss of the capacity to breathe spontaneously (and hence to maintain a spontaneous heart beat) the death of the brainstem will be seen to be the necessary and sufficient condition for the death of the individual. Such a definition of death is not something radically (...)
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    Whole-Brain Death Reconsidered--Physiological Facts and Philosophy.C. Pallis - 1983 - Journal of Medical Ethics 9 (1):32-37.
    Four main areas generating confusion in discussion on brain death are identified as a) the relation of criteria of death to concepts of death, b) the argument about whether death is an event or a process, c) the inadequate differentiation of different neurological entities having different cardiac prognoses, and d) insufficient awareness of the separate issues of 'determining death' and 'allowing to die'. It is argued that if by death we mean the dissolution of the human 'organism as a whole', (...)
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