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C. W. Huntington [5]C. W. Huntington Jr [1]
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    The Emptiness of Emptiness: An Introduction to Early Indian Mādhyamika.C. W. Huntington - 1992 - Philosophy East and West 42 (2):355-359.
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    The Nature of the Mādhyamika Trick.C. W. Huntington - 2007 - Journal of Indian Philosophy 35 (2):103-131.
    This paper evaluates several recent efforts to interpret the work of Nāgārjuna through the lens of modern symbolic logic. An attempt is made to uncover the premises that justify the use of symbolic logic for this purpose. This is accomplished through a discussion of (1) the historical origins of those premises in the Indian and Tibetan traditions, and (2) how such assumptions prejudice our understanding of Nāgā rjuna’s insistence that he has no “proposition” (pratijñā). Finally, the paper sets forth an (...)
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    Nāgārjuna’s Fictional World.C. W. Huntington - 2018 - Journal of Indian Philosophy 46 (1):153-177.
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    The System of the Two Truths in the Prasannapadā and the Madhyamakāvatāra: A Study in Mādhyamika Soteriology. [REVIEW]C. W. Huntington - 1983 - Journal of Indian Philosophy 11 (1):77-106.
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  5. Yogācāra Buddhist Theory of Metaphor. By Roy Tzohar.C. W. Huntington - 2022 - Journal of the American Oriental Society 139 (4).
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  6. A "Nonreferential" View of Language and Conceptual Thought in the Work of Tsoṅ-Kha-Pa.C. W. Huntington Jr - 1983 - Philosophy East and West 33 (4):325-339.