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    Detection of Response to Command Using Voluntary Control of Breathing in Disorders of Consciousness.Vanessa Charland-Verville, Damien Lesenfants, Lee Sela, Quentin Noirhomme, Erik Ziegler, Camille Chatelle, Anton Plotkin, Noam Sobel & Steven Laureys - 2014 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 8.
  2. Eye Gaze and Conscious Processing in Severely Brain-Injured Patients.Camille Chatelle, Steven Laureys, Steve Majerus, Caroline Schnakers, Paula M. Niedenthal, Martial Mermillod, Marcus Maringer & Ursula Hess - 2010 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 33 (6):442.
    Niedenthal et al. discuss the importance of eye gaze in embodied simulation and, more globally, in the processing of emotional visual stimulation (such as facial expression). In this commentary, we illustrate the relationship between oriented eye movements, consciousness, and emotion by using the case of severely brain-injured patients recovering from coma (i.e., vegetative and minimally conscious patients).
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    Spasticity After Stroke: Physiology, Assessment and Treatment.Olivia Gosseries, Erik Ziegler, Steven Laureys, Aurore Thibaut & Camille Chatelle - unknown
    Background: Spasticity following a stroke occurs in about 30% of patients. The mechanisms underlying this disorder, however, are not well understood. Method: This review aims to define spasticity, describe hypotheses explaining its development after a stroke, give an overview of related neuroimaging studies as well as a description of the most common scales used to quantify the degree of spasticity and finally explore which treatments are currently being used to treat this disorder.
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