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    Public Understandings of Addiction: Where Do Neurobiological Explanations Fit?Carla Meurk, Adrian Carter, Wayne Hall & Jayne Lucke - 2014 - Neuroethics 7 (1):51-62.
    Developments in the field of neuroscience, according to its proponents, offer the prospect of an enhanced understanding and treatment of addicted persons. Consequently, its advocates consider that improving public understanding of addiction neuroscience is a desirable aim. Those critical of neuroscientific approaches, however, charge that it is a totalising, reductive perspective–one that ignores other known causes in favour of neurobiological explanations. Sociologist Nikolas Rose has argued that neuroscience, and its associated technologies, are coming to dominate cultural models to the extent (...)
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    A Bio-Social and Ethical Framework for Understanding Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders.Carla Meurk, Jayne Lucke & Wayne Hall - 2014 - Neuroethics 7 (3):337-344.
    The diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders is embedded in a matrix of biological, social and ethical processes, making it an important topic for crossdisciplinary social and ethical research. This article reviews different branches of research relevant to understanding how FASD is identified and defined and outlines a framework for future social and ethical research in this area. We outline the character of scientific research into FASD, epidemiological discrepancies between reported patterns of maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy and the incidence (...)
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    Public Mental Health Ethics: Helping Improve Mental Health for Individuals and Communities.Diego S. Silva, Cynthia Forlini & Carla Meurk - 2018 - Public Health Ethics 11 (2):121-125.
    The burdens of mental illnesses and substance use disorders do not lie merely with the individuals who suffer from these conditions but affect, and are affected by, their families, communities, cities and countries. The ethical and political challenges that arise in the treatment of mental illnesses and substance abuse disorders are, therefore, challenges that affect both individuals and communities.
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    Contesting Death: Conservation, Heritage and Pig Killing in Far North Queensland, Australia.Carla Meurk - 2015 - Environmental Values 24 (1):79-104.