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    Ethical Review of Health Systems Research in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Conceptual Exploration.Adnan A. Hyder, Abbas Rattani, Carleigh Krubiner, Abdulgafoor M. Bachani & Nhan T. Tran - 2014 - American Journal of Bioethics 14 (2):28-37.
    Given that health systems research involves different aims, approaches, and methodologies as compared to more traditional clinical trials, the ethical issues present in HSR may be unique or particularly nuanced. This article outlines eight pertinent ethical issues that are particularly salient in HSR and argues that the ethical review process should be better tailored to ensure more efficient and appropriate oversight of HSR with adequate human protections, especially in low- and middle-income countries. The eight ethical areas we discuss include the (...)
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    Which strings attached: ethical considerations for selecting appropriate conditionalities in conditional cash transfer programmes.Carleigh B. Krubiner & Maria W. Merritt - 2017 - Journal of Medical Ethics 43 (3):167-176.
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    Pregnant women should not be categorised as a ‘vulnerable population’ in biomedical research studies: ending a vicious cycle of ‘vulnerability’.Carleigh B. Krubiner & Ruth R. Faden - 2017 - Journal of Medical Ethics 43 (10):664-665.
    A new study published in Journal of Medical Ethics by van der Zande et al 1 further highlights why classifying pregnant women as a ‘vulnerable population’ in the context of research is deeply problematic. Because the designation of ‘vulnerable’ is otherwise applied to populations whose decision-making capacity about research participation is somehow compromised—such as children and adults of limited cognitive ability—many of us have been arguing for some time that using this designation for pregnant women is inappropriate and disrespectful.2–4 There (...)
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    Ethical challenges in designing and implementing health systems research: Experiences from the field.Adnan Hyder & Carleigh Krubiner - 2016 - AJOB Empirical Bioethics 7 (3):209-217.
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    Integrating Health Technology Assessment and the Right to Health in South Africa: A Qualitative Content Analysis of Substantive Values in Landmark Judicial Decisions.Michael J. DiStefano, Safura Abdool Karim, Carleigh B. Krubiner & Karen J. Hofman - 2023 - Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics 51 (1):131-149.
    The World Health Assembly has encouraged WHO member-states to establish capacity in health technology assessment (HTA) as a support for achieving universal health coverage (UHC). Simultaneously, the WHO has stated that UHC is “a practical expression of the concern for health equity and the right to health.” This has prompted questions about potential tensions between priority-setting efforts and the right to health on the road to UHC. South Africa (SA) is an ideal setting in which to explore how the priority-setting (...)
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