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    Unconscious Task Set Priming with Phonological and Semantic Tasks.Sébastien Weibel, Anne Giersch, Stanislas Dehaene & Caroline Huron - 2013 - Consciousness and Cognition 22 (2):517-527.
    Whether unconscious stimuli can modulate the preparation of a cognitive task is still controversial. Using a backward masking paradigm, we investigated whether the modulation could be observed even if the prime was made unconscious in 100% of the trials. In two behavioral experiments, subjects were instructed to initiate a phonological or semantic task on an upcoming word, following an explicit instruction and an unconscious prime. When the SOA between prime and instruction was sufficiently long , primes congruent with the task (...)
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    Conscious Recollection in Autobiographical Memory: An Investigation in Schizophrenia.Jean-Marie Danion, Christine Cuervo, Pascale Piolino, Caroline Huron, Marielle Riutort, Charles S. Peretti & Francis Eustache - 2005 - Consciousness and Cognition 14 (3):535-547.
    Whether or not conscious recollection in autobiographical memory is affected in schizophrenia is unknown. The aim of this study was to address this issue using an experiential approach. An autobiographical memory enquiry was used in combination with the Remember/Know procedure. Twenty-two patients with schizophrenia and 22 normal subjects were asked to recall specific autobiographical memories from four lifetime periods and to indicate the subjective states of awareness associated with the recall of what happened, when and where. They gave Remember, Know (...)
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    Impaired Strategic Regulation of Contents of Conscious Awareness in Schizophrenia.Philippe Sonntag, Erick Gokalsing, Carinne Olivier, Philippe Robert, Franck Burglen, Françoise Kauffmann-Muller, Caroline Huron, Pierre Salame & Jean-Marie Danion - 2003 - Consciousness and Cognition 12 (2):190-200.
    Conscious awareness comprises two distinct states, autonoetic and noetic awareness. Schizophrenia impairs autonoetic, but not noetic, awareness. We investigated the strategic regulation of relevant and irrelevant contents of conscious awareness in schizophrenia using a directed forgetting paradigm. Twenty-one patients with schizophrenia and 21 normal controls were presented with words and told to learn some of them and forget others. In a subsequent test, they were asked to recognize all the words they had seen previously and give remember, know or guess (...)
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  4. Can We Study Subjective Experiences Objectively? First-Person Perspective Approaches and Impaired Subjective States of Awareness in Schizophrenia?Jean-Marie Danion & Caroline Huron - 2007 - In Philip David Zelazo, Morris Moscovitch & Evan Thompson (eds.), Cambridge Handbook of Consciousness. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
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  5. Emotion, Memory, and Conscious Awareness in Schizophrenia.Jean-Marie Danion, Caroline Huron, Lydia Rizzo & Pierre Vidailhet - 2004 - In Daniel Reisberg & Paula Hertel (eds.), Memory and Emotion. Oxford University Press. pp. 217-241.