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    Carolyn Rovee-Collier, Harlene Hayne & Michael Colombo (eds.) (2001). The Development of Implicit and Explicit Memory. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
    This is the only book that examines the theory and data on the development of implicit and explicit memory. It first describes the characteristics of implicit and explicit memory (including conscious recollection) and tasks used with adults to measure them. Next, it reviews the brain mechanisms thought to underlie implicit and explicit memory and the studies with amnesics that initially prompted the search for different neuroanatomically-based memory systems. Two chapters review the Jacksonian (first in, last out) principle and empirical evidence (...)
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  2. Carolyn Rovee-Collier (1989). The Joy of Kicking: Memories, Motives, and Mobiles. In P. Solomon, G. Goethals, Clarence M. Kelley & Ron Stephens (eds.), Memory: Interdisciplinary Approaches. Springer Verlag. pp. 151--180.
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  3. Carolyn Rovee-Collier (1997). Dissociations in Infant Memory: Rethinking the Development of Implicit and Explicit Memory. Psychological Review 104 (3):467-498.
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    Carolyn Rovee-Collier, Eileen Hankins & Ramesh Bhatt (1992). Textons, Visual Pop-Out Effects, and Object Recognition in Infancy. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 121 (4):435-445.