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Carsten Nielsen
Aarhus University
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    Exemplarity, Expressivity, Education.Carsten Fogh Nielsen - 2019 - Journal of Moral Education 48 (3):381-392.
    This paper proposes that Catherine Elgin’s and Nelson Goodman’s work on exemplification is relevant for discussions within moral philosophy and moral education. Generalizing Elgin’s and Goodman’s account of exemplification to also cover ethics the paper develops a two-factor account of moral exemplarity. According to this account, instantiation and expressivity are individually necessary and jointly sufficient conditions for someone or something to function as a moral exemplar. Applying this two-factor account of exemplarity to discussions within the philosophy of moral education the (...)
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    Set udefra - om det filosofiske bliks distance. [REVIEW]Carsten Fogh Nielsen - 2014 - Slagmark - Tidsskrift for Idéhistorie 70:164-172.
    Anmeldelse af Ole Thyssens 'Det filosofiske blik' og 'Blikskift'.
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    From Conditions of Equality to Demands of Justice: Equal Freedom, Motivation and Justification in Hobbes, Rousseau and Rawls.Emily Hartz & Carsten Fogh Nielsen - 2015 - Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 18 (1):7-25.
    Equal freedom is the common starting point for most contractual theories of justice from Hobbes and Rousseau to Rawls. But while equal freedom defines a common starting point for these theories, this does not result in a general consensus on the conception of justice. On the contrary, different ways of conceptualizing the contractual starting point leads to different conceptions of the demands of justice. To fully understand the relationship between equal freedom and justice we therefore first need to explicate how (...)
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    Nykänen, Hannes: The ‘I’, the ‘You’ and the Soul. An Ethics of Conscience. Doctoral Dissertation. Åbo Akademi University Press, 2002. 476 + Viii Pp. [REVIEW]Carsten Fogh Nielsen - 2003 - SATS 4 (2):201-210.