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Carsten Hansen
University of Oslo
  1.  79
    Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Mental Causation and the Mind-Body Problem.Carsten Martin Hansen - 2000 - Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy 43 (4):451-491.
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    Files and Singular Thoughts Without Objects or Acquaintance: The Prospects of Recanati’s “Actualism”.Carsten Hansen & Georges Rey - 2016 - Review of Philosophy and Psychology 7 (2):421-436.
    We argue that Recanati burdens his otherwise salutary “Mental File” account of singular thought with an “Actualist” assumption that he has inherited from the discussion of singular thought since at least Evans, according to which singular thoughts can only be about actual objects: apparent singular thoughts involving “empty” terms lack truth-valuable content. This assumption flies in the face of manifestly singular thoughts involving not only fictional and mistakenly postulated entities, such as Zeus and the planet Vulcan, but also “perceptual inexistents,” (...)
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  3.  75
    Putnam's Indeterminacy Argument: The Skolemization of Absolutely Everything.Carsten Hansen - 1987 - Philosophical Studies 51 (1):77--99.
  4. Conceptual Role Semantics and Verification-Transcendent Truth.Carsten Hansen - 1997 - In Dunja Jutronic (ed.), The Maribor Papers in Naturalized Semantics. Maribor. pp. 43.
  5. Ideal Theories and Truth: Putnam's Argument for the Epistemic Nature of Truth.Carsten Hansen - 1986 - Danish Yearbook of Philosophy 23:17-40.
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    Holism, Molecularism and the Surveyability of Content.Carsten Martin Hansen - 2001 - SATS 2 (1):63-85.
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  7. Semantic Realism and the Anti-Realist Challenge.Carsten Martin Hansen - 1992
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