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    TRACX: A recognition-based connectionist framework for sequence segmentation and chunk extraction.Robert M. French, Caspar Addyman & Denis Mareschal - 2011 - Psychological Review 118 (4):614-636.
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    Computational Modeling in Cognitive Science: A Manifesto for Change.Caspar Addyman & Robert M. French - 2012 - Topics in Cognitive Science 4 (3):332-341.
    Computational modeling has long been one of the traditional pillars of cognitive science. Unfortunately, the computer models of cognition being developed today have not kept up with the enormous changes that have taken place in computer technology and, especially, in human-computer interfaces. For all intents and purposes, modeling is still done today as it was 25, or even 35, years ago. Everyone still programs in his or her own favorite programming language, source code is rarely made available, accessibility of models (...)
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    Social Facilitation of Laughter and Smiles in Preschool Children.Caspar Addyman, Charlotte Fogelquist, Lenka Levakova & Sarah Rees - 2018 - Frontiers in Psychology 9.
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    Assessing Sensorimotor Synchronisation in Toddlers Using the Lookit Online Experiment Platform and Automated Movement Extraction.Sinead Rocha & Caspar Addyman - 2022 - Frontiers in Psychology 13.
    Adapting gross motor movement to match the tempo of auditory rhythmic stimulation is a complex skill with a long developmental trajectory. Drumming tasks have previously been employed with infants and young children to measure the emergence of rhythmic entrainment, and may provide a tool for identification of those with atypical rhythm perception and production. Here we describe a new protocol for measuring infant rhythmic movement that can be employed at scale. In the current study, 50 two-year-olds drummed along with the (...)
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