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    Did Diodorus Siculus Take Over Cross-References From His Sources?Catherine Rubincam - 1998 - American Journal of Philology 119 (1):67-87.
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    How Many Books Did Diodorus Siculus Originally Intend to Write?Catherine Rubincam - 1998 - Classical Quarterly 48 (01):229-.
    Diodorus Siculus was notoriously inconsistent in his statements about the terminal date of his survey of history, the Bibliotheca Historica. In the ‘table of contents’ which he included in the general preface to the whole work, written apparently when he was preparing his manuscript for publication , he specifically names the year 60/59 as the last year of his narrative. Elsewhere, however, he not only gives a figure for the period of history encompassed by his work which would bring it (...)
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    Tragedy and the Plague (R.) Mitchell-Boyask Plague and the Athenian Imagination. Drama, History and the Cult of Asclepius. Pp. Xiv + 209, Ill. Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press, 2007. Cased, £50, US$99. ISBN: 978-0-521-87345-. [REVIEW]Catherine Rubincam - 2009 - The Classical Review 59 (1):43-.
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    Stahl (H.-P.) Thucydides: Man's Place in History. Pp. Viii + 248, Maps, Ills. Swansea: The Classical Press of Wales, 2003 (First Edition in German, 1966). Cased, £45. ISBN: 978-0-9543845-2-. [REVIEW]Catherine Rubincam - 2008 - The Classical Review 58 (1):47-48.
  5. The Topography of Pylos and Sphakteria and Thucydides¿ Measurements of Distance.Catherine Rubincam - 2001 - Journal of Hellenic Studies 121:77-90.
    This article has two purposes. First, it proposes a more satisfactory solution to an old problem: the apparently serious inaccuracy of Thucydides¿ measurements for the length of Sphakteria island and the width of the channels dividing it from the mainland. Second, it offers some more general observations on Thucydides¿ measures of distance and the light they can shed on an important aspect of his historiographic method. The solution proposed by R. Bauslaugh (¿The text of Thucydides IV 8.6 and the south (...)
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