1. Exact and Approximate Arithmetic in an Amazonian Indigene Group.Pierre Pica, Cathy Lemer, Véronique Izard & Stanislas Dehaene - 2004 - Science 306 (5695):499-503.
    Is calculation possible without language? Or is the human ability for arithmetic dependent on the language faculty? To clarify the relation between language and arithmetic, we studied numerical cognition in speakers of Mundurukú, an Amazonian language with a very small lexicon of number words. Although the Mundurukú lack words for numbers beyond 5, they are able to compare and add large approximate numbers that are far beyond their naming range. However, they fail in exact arithmetic with numbers larger than 4 (...)
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  2. Quais são os vinculos entre aritmética e linguagem ? Um estudo na Amazonia.Pierre Pica, Cathy Lemer, Véronique Izard & Stanislas Dehaene - 2005 - Revista de Estudos E Pesquisas 2 (1):199-236.
  3. Quels sont les liens entre arithmétique et langage ? Une étude en Amazonie.Stanislas Dehaene, Véronique Izard, Cathy Lemer & Pierre Pica - 2007 - In Jean Bricmont & Julie Franck (eds.), Cahier Chomsky. L'Herne.