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  1. Pragmatism, Bourdieu, and collective emotions in contentious politics.Mustafa Emirbayer & Chad Alan Goldberg - 2005 - Theory and Society 34 (5-6):469-518.
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    Struggle and solidarity: civic republican elements in Pierre Bourdieu’s political sociology. [REVIEW]Chad Alan Goldberg - 2013 - Theory and Society 42 (4):369-394.
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    Haunted by the specter of communism: Collective identity and resource mobilization in the demise of the Workers Alliance of America. [REVIEW]Chad Alan Goldberg - 2003 - Theory and Society 32 (5-6):725-773.
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    The Jews, the Revolution, and the Old Regime in French Anti-Semitism and Durkheim's Sociology.Chad Alan Goldberg - 2011 - Sociological Theory 29 (4):248-271.
    The relationship between European sociology and European anti-Semitism in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries is investigated through a case study of one sociologist, Émile Durkheim, in a single country, France. Reactionary and radical forms of anti-Semitism are distinguished and contrasted to Durkheim's sociological perspective. Durkheim's remarks about the Jews directly addressed anti-Semitic claims about them, their role in French society, and their relationship to modernity. At the same time, Durkheim was engaged in a reinterpretation of the French Revolution and (...)
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    Introduction to Emile Durkheim's "Anti-Semitism and Social Crisis".Chad Alan Goldberg & Emile Durkheim - 2008 - Sociological Theory 26 (4):299 - 323.
    Emile Durkheim's "Antis?mitisme et crise sociale," written in 1899 during the Dreyfus Affair in France, is introduced. The introduction summarizes the principal contributions that "Antis?mitisme et crise sociale" makes to the sociology of anti-Semitism, relates those contributions to Durkheim's broader theoretical assumptions and concerns, situates his analysis of anti-Semitism in its social and historical context, contrasts it to other analyses of anti-Semitism (Marxist and Zionist) that were prominent in Durkheim's time, indicates some of the revisions and additions that a fuller (...)
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