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    A Contribution to the Geographical Interpretation of Biological Change.Charles H. Smith - 1986 - Acta Biotheoretica 35 (4):229-278.
    Geography has traditionally been assigned the role of handmaiden in evolutionary studies. In this work a different understanding of the relationship between biological change and locational setting is developed: evolution as a dynamic form of spatial interaction. In the causal model presented, adaptive change is portrayed as a negative feedback response contributing to a general spatial-temporal process of resource cycle tightening involving exchanges between the two fundamental structural sectors (abiotic and biotic) of the earth's surface system. As such, it is (...)
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    Embodying Evolutionary Vision: An Action-Based Experiment in Non-Dual Perception.Felicia A. Norton & Charles H. Smith - 2011 - World Futures 67 (3):201 - 212.
    This article suggests that ?evolutionary vision,? the unifying paradigm of physical, biological, and sociocultural evolution, needs to be fully embodied and deeply experienced in the human being, and that this can be effected by the experience at the heart of the ?perennial wisdom tradition,? 1 that is, that of ?non-dual perception.? The article suggests an ?action-based? experiment paralleling the method of a ?thought experiment,? based on the assumption that one way that one can experience this embodiment is by ?trying on? (...)
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    Wallace's Unfinished Business: The?Other Man? In Evolutionary Theory.Charles H. Smith - 2004 - Complexity 10 (2):25-32.
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    Natural Selection: A Concept in Need of Some Evolution?Charles H. Smith - 2012 - Complexity 17 (3):8-17.
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    Book Review: Ross A. Slotten, The Heretic in Darwin?S Court: The Life of Alfred Russel Wallace , Viii + 602 Pp., Illus., $39.50. [REVIEW]Charles H. Smith - 2005 - Journal of the History of Biology 38 (1):169-172.