1. Encyclopedia of Ethics.Lawrence C. Becker & Charlotte B. Becker (eds.) - 2001 - Routledge.
    The editors, working with a team of 325 renowned authorities in the field of ethics, have revised, expanded, and updated this classic encyclopedia. Along with the addition of 150 new entries, all of the original articles have been newly peer-reviewed and revised, bibliographies have been updated throughout, and the overall design of the work has been enhanced for easier access to cross-references and other reference features. New entries include * Aristotelian Ethics * Avicenna * Bad Faith * Beneficence * Categorical (...)
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  2. The Encyclopedia of Ethics.Lawrence C. Becker & Charlotte B. Becker (eds.) - 1992 - Garland Publishing.
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  3. A History of Western Ethics.Lawrence C. Becker & Charlotte B. Becker (eds.) - 2003 - Routledge.
    This is a newly revised and updated edition of A History of Western Ethics, a coherent and accessible overview of the most important figures and influential ideas of the history of ethics in the Western philosophical tradition. Written by eleven distinguished scholars, and including a glossary of key terms, this book is an essential reference for students and general readers alike.
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