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Charlotte Moore
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  1. A System of Multimodal Areas in the Primate Brain.Michael S. A. Graziano, Charles S. Gross, Charlotte S. R. Taylor & Moore & Tirin - 2004 - In Charles Spence & Jon Driver (eds.), Crossmodal Space and Crossmodal Attention. Oxford University Press.
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    Thoughts About the Autism Label: A Parental View.Charlotte Moore - 2008 - Journal of Philosophy of Education 42 (3-4):493-498.
    The number of people diagnosed with autism has risen exponentially in recent years. Are the diagnostic labels currently in use adequate to describe such a vast range of symptoms? Should we reconsider the appropriateness of the language we use to discuss autism? A mother of two autistic sons describes what the autism label has meant for her and her family.
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    The Ethics of Ambiguity.Charlotte Moore - 2008 - Philosophy Now 69:14-16.