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    Robert D. Enright, Elizabeth A. Gassin & Ching‐Ru Wu (1992). Forgiveness: A Developmental View. Journal of Moral Education 21 (2):99-114.
    Abstract The concept of interpersonal forgiveness is described first through an examination of ancient writings and contemporary philosophical and psychological discourse. Two psychological models are then described. The first concerns developmental patterns in how people think about forgiving another. The second describes how people may go about forgiving another. Implications for counseling and education are drawn.
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    Ching Wu (2012). Cheng, Chunyi 鄭宗義, Confucianism, Philosophy and the Contemporary World 儒學、哲學與現代世界. Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy 11 (1):125-128.
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    Yang-Teng Fan, Ching-yi Wu, Ho-Ling Liu, Keh-Chung Lin, Yau-yau Wai & Yao-Liang Chen (2015). Neuroplastic Changes in Resting-State Functional Connectivity After Stroke Rehabilitation. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 9.
  4. Ching-hsiung Wu (1955). Fountain of Justice. London: Sheed & Ward.
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