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Chloe Kennedy
University of Edinburgh
  1.  13
    Declaring Crimes.Chloë Kennedy - 2017 - Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 37 (4):741-769.
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    Lindsay Farmer: Making the Modern Criminal Law: Criminalization and Civil Order.Chloë Kennedy - 2017 - Criminal Law and Philosophy 11 (3):637-644.
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    Immanence and Transcendence: History's Roles in Normative Legal Theory.Chloë Kennedy - 2017 - Jurisprudence 8 (3):557-579.
    The fractious but potentially fruitful dialogue between legal history and legal theory has been the subject of much recent scholarly attention. Despite this, instances of meaningful engagement over the role of history in legal theorising remain scarce. This is particularly true in respect of normative theorising—the difficult but crucial tasks of critiquing and reforming law—where history is frequently considered to play a relativising role that threatens to destabilise strong evaluation. In this article, I argue that in order to advance the (...)
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