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  1. What is Feminism?: An Introduction to Feminist Theory.Chris Beasley - 1999 - Sage Publications.
    So what is feminism anyway? Why are all the experts so reluctant to give us a clear definition? Is it possible to make sense of the complex and often contradictory debates? In this concise and accessible introduction to feminist theory, Chris Beasley provides clear explanations of the many types of feminism. She outlines the development of liberal, radical and Marxist//socialist feminism, and reviews the more contemporary influences of psychoanalysis, postmodernism, theories of the body, queer theory, and attends to the ongoing (...)
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    Envisaging a New Politics for an Ethical Future: Beyond Trust, Care and Generosity — Towards an Ethic of `Social Flesh'.Carol Bacchi & Chris Beasley - 2007 - Feminist Theory 8 (3):279-298.
    In times like these, a new ethico-political ideal is required to contest the adequacy of dominant understandings of social interaction as matters of choice and rational decision-making and in contesting these understandings encourage us to imagine social alternatives. We wish to make a contribution to this project of expanding the universe of political discourse as a means to invigorating ethico-political debate. A range of existing vocabularies — the languages of trust, care and associated concepts, including corporeal generosity — are currently (...)
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    Engaging with Carol Bacchi: Strategic Interventions and Exchanges.Angelique Bletsas & Chris Beasley (eds.) - 2012 - University of Adelaide Press.
    This book arose out of a conference organised by the Fay Gale Centre for Research on Gender at The University of Adelaide honouring Carol Bacchi's work and is intended to make that work accessible to a range of audiences. - from the ...
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    Making Politics Fleshly: The Ethic of Social Flesh.Chris Beasley & Carol Bacchi - 2012 - In Angelique Bletsas & Chris Beasley (eds.), Engaging with Carol Bacchi: Strategic Interventions and Exchanges. University of Adelaide Press. pp. 1099.
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    What is Feminism Anyway?: Understanding Contemporary Feminist Thought.Chris Beasley - 1999 - Allen & Unwin.