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Chris Henry
University of Kent
  1. On Truth and Instrumentalisation.Chris Henry - 2016 - London Journal in Critical Thought 1 (1):5-15.
    This paper makes two claims. Firstly, it shows that thinking the truth of any particular concept (such as politics) is founded upon an instrumental logic that betrays the truth of a situation. Truth cannot be thought ‘of something’, for this would fall back into a theory of correspondence. Instead, truth is a function of thought. In order to make this move to a functional concept of truth, I outline Dewey’s criticism, and two important repercussions, of dogmatically instrumental philosophy. I then (...)
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    The Changing Nature of the Public Sphere.Chris Henry & Iain MacKenzie - 2023 - Journal of Social and Political Philosophy 2 (2):175-190.
    Can the public sphere be conceptualised in a manner that is non-reductive and inclusive? In this article, we survey the main literature on the public sphere and demonstrate that, despite apparent diversity, the dominant approaches to its conceptualisation share the same ‘matter and form’ or hylomorphic assumptions. In challenging these assumptions, our aim is to demonstrate that it is the hylomorphic model of the public sphere that prevents non-reductive conceptualisation of its essentially changing nature. Hylomorphic models of the public sphere, (...)
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    Naturalising Badiou: Mathematical Ontology and Structural Realism. [REVIEW]Chris Henry - 2015 - Pli 27:158-170.
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    Contra-Axiomatics: A Non- Dogmatic And Non-Idealist Practice Of Resistance.Chris Henry - 2016 - Dissertation, University of Kent
    What and how should individuals resist in political situations? While this question, or versions of it, recurs regularly within Western political philosophy, answers to it have often relied on dyads founded upon dogmatically held ideals. In particular, there is a strain of idealist political philosophy, inaugurated by Plato and finding contemporary expression in the work of Alain Badiou, that employs dyads (such as the distinction between truth and doxa or the privilege of thought over sense) that tend to reduce the (...)
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    Louis Althusser’s ‘How to be a Marxist in Philosophy’. [REVIEW]Chris Henry - 2019 - Marx and Philosophy Review of Books.
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    Truthful Politics: Introduction.Chris Henry - 2016 - London Journal of Critical Thought 1 (1):1-4.