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    Intrusive images in psychological disorders: Characteristics, neural mechanisms, and treatment implications.Chris R. Brewin, James D. Gregory, Michelle Lipton & Neil Burgess - 2010 - Psychological Review 117 (1):210-232.
  2.  32
    A dual representation theory of posttraumatic stress disorder.Chris R. Brewin, Tim Dalgleish & Stephen Joseph - 1996 - Psychological Review 103 (4):670-686.
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    Impact on the legal system of the generalizability crisis in psychology.Chris R. Brewin - 2022 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 45.
    Overgeneralizations by psychologists of the research evidence on memory and eyewitness testimony, such as “memory decays with time” or “memories are fluid and malleable,” are beginning to appear in legal judgements and guidance documents, accompanied by unwarranted disparagement of lay beliefs about memory. These overgeneralizations could have significant adverse consequences for the conduct of civil and criminal law.
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    Autobiographical memory deficits in schizophrenia.Hamish J. McLeod, Nikki Wood & Chris R. Brewin - 2006 - Cognition and Emotion 20 (3-4):536-547.
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    The effect of hypnotically induced somatoform dissociation on the development of intrusions after an aversive film.Muriel A. Hagenaars, Agnes van Minnen, Emily A. Holmes, Chris R. Brewin & Kees Al Hoogduin - 2008 - Cognition and Emotion 22 (5):944-963.
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    Repressive coping and the recall of emotional material.Lynn B. Myers & Chris R. Brewin - 1995 - Cognition and Emotion 9 (6):637-642.
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    Brief report: Intrusive thoughts and intrusive memories in a nonclinical Sample.Chris R. Brewin - 1996 - Cognition and Emotion 10 (1):107-112.
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    Effects of experimentally induced dissociation on attention and memory.Chris R. Brewin, Belinda Yt Ma & Jessica Colson - 2013 - Consciousness and Cognition 22 (1):315-323.
    Dissociation is an important aspect of responses to traumatic events. According to a number of influential theories, it negatively impacts cognitive performance including encoding of the trauma memories, leading to an increased risk of later conditions such as posttraumatic stress disorder . We tested this hypothesis experimentally in two studies by inducing dissociation in the laboratory and investigating the effects on several aspects of cognition, including time estimation, digit and spatial span, and story recall. Dissociation was related to decrements in (...)
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    Cognitive change processes in psychotherapy.Chris R. Brewin - 1989 - Psychological Review 96 (3):379-394.
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    Contextual memory, psychosis-proneness, and the experience of intrusive imagery.Daniel A. Glazer, Oliver Mason, John A. King & Chris R. Brewin - 2013 - Cognition and Emotion 27 (1):150-157.
  11.  23
    Children's narratives and well-being.Robyn Fivush, Kelly Marin, Megan Crawford, Martina Reynolds & Chris R. Brewin - 2007 - Cognition and Emotion 21 (7):1414-1434.
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    The memory and identity theory of ICD-11 complex posttraumatic stress disorder.Philip Hyland, Mark Shevlin & Chris R. Brewin - 2023 - Psychological Review 130 (4):1044-1065.
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    Experimentally-induced dissociation impairs visual memory.Chris R. Brewin & Niloufar Mersaditabari - 2013 - Consciousness and Cognition 22 (4):1189-1194.
    Dissociation is a phenomenon common in a number of psychological disorders and has been frequently suggested to impair memory for traumatic events. In this study we explored the effects of dissociation on visual memory. A dissociative state was induced experimentally using a mirror-gazing task and its short-term effects on memory performance were investigated. Sixty healthy individuals took part in the experiment. Induced dissociation impaired visual memory performance relative to a control condition; however, the degree of dissociation was not associated with (...)
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    Source memory errors associated with reports of posttraumatic flashbacks: A proof of concept study.Chris R. Brewin, Zoe Huntley & Matthew G. Whalley - 2012 - Cognition 124 (2):234-238.
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    Reconsolidation versus retrieval competition: Rival hypotheses to explain memory change in psychotherapy.Chris R. Brewin - 2015 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 38.
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    Effects of contextual questions on experimentally induced dysphoria.Natalie Jacoby, Chris R. Brewin & Ed Watkins - 2008 - Cognition and Emotion 22 (4):753-760.