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    Rethinking the Space of Ethics in Social Entrepreneurship: Power, Subjectivity, and Practices of Freedom.Pascal Dey & Chris Steyaert - 2016 - Journal of Business Ethics 133 (4):627-641.
    This article identifies power, subjectivity, and practices of freedom as neglected but significant elements for understanding the ethics of social entrepreneurship. While the ethics of social entrepreneurship is typically conceptualized in conjunction with innate properties or moral commitments of the individual, we problematize this view based on its presupposition of an essentialist conception of the authentic subject. We offer, based on Foucault’s ethical oeuvre, a practice-based alternative which sees ethics as being exercised through a critical and creative dealing with the (...)
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    A Practical Ethics of Care: Tinkering with Different ‘Goods’ in Residential Nursing Homes.Katharina Molterer, Patrizia Hoyer & Chris Steyaert - 2020 - Journal of Business Ethics 165 (1):95-111.
    In this paper, we argue that ‘good care’ in residential nursing homes is enacted through different care practices that are either inspired by a ‘professional logic of care’ that aims for justice and non-maleficence in the professional treatment of residents, or by a ‘relational logic of care’, which attends to the relational quality and the meaning of interpersonal connectedness in people’s lives. Rather than favoring one care logic over the other, this paper indicates how important aspects of care are constantly (...)
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    The Routledge Companion to Reinventing Management Education.Chris Steyaert, Timon Beyes & Martin Parker (eds.) - 2016 - Routledge.
    _The Routledge Companion to Reinventing Management Education_ retraces the many external crises that have increasingly confronted business schools in recent years. With greater emphasis being placed on ranking and research output at the detriment of teaching, learning and education, this companion will work as a handbook, guiding teachers on how to integrate the humanities and social sciences into their course design and classroom practice. Arranged in five sections covering Histories, Philosophies, Concepts, Classrooms and Programmes, this volume presents and examines the (...)
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    Peer Collaboration as a Relational Practice: Theorizing Affective Oscillation in Radical Democratic Organizing.Bernhard Resch & Chris Steyaert - 2020 - Journal of Business Ethics 164 (4):715-730.
    Recently, radical democratic initiatives have been undertaken by freelancers and founders who come together in a range of alternative forms such as ethical entrepreneurial coalitions, urban coworking spaces, and open cooperative networks. In this paper, we argue that these initiatives to invent alternative, more equal forms of organizing engage strongly with relational activities to replace hierarchical interaction with distributed peer collaboration. While the literature has emphasized the sense of experimentation and reflexivity of these alternative forms of organizing, this paper especially (...)
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    Towards an Ethical Research Agenda for International HRM: The Possibilities of a Plural Cosmopolitan Framework. [REVIEW]Maddy Janssens & Chris Steyaert - 2012 - Journal of Business Ethics 111 (1):61-72.
    In this conceptual paper, we aim to develop a much needed ethical research agenda for international Human Resource Management (HRM), given that the changing geopolitical dynamics interrogate the political role of multinational companies and the ethical stance they take in their HRM practices. To theoretically ground this agenda, we turn to cosmopolitanism and distinguish three main perspectives—political, cultural, and social—each of which implies a different understanding of the self–other relation in the context of the global world. We translate the core (...)
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