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  1. Legal Integration of Islam: A Transatlantic Comparison.Christian Joppke - 2013 - Harvard University Press.
    Neutrality, liberalism, and islam integration in Europe and America -- Limits of excluding: the French burqa law of 2010 -- Limits of including: Germany's reticence to "cooperate" with organized Islam -- "Reasonable accommodation" and the limits of multiculturalism in Canada -- The dog that didn't bark: Islam and religious pluralism in the United States -- Islam and identity in the liberal state.
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    State Neutrality and Islamic Headscarf Laws in France and Germany.Christian Joppke - 2007 - Theory and Society 36 (4):313-342.
  3. Multicultural Questions.Christian Joppke & Steven Lukes - 1999
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    The Retreat is Real—but What is the Alternative? Multiculturalism, Muscular Liberalism, and Islam.Christian Joppke - 2014 - Constellations 21 (2):286-295.
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    Multiculturalism and Immigration: A Comparison of the United States, Germany, and Great Britain. [REVIEW]Christian Joppke - 1996 - Theory and Society 25 (4):449-500.
  6. Los musulmanes y el velo: Alemania vista a través de la experiencia de Francia.Christian Joppke - 2004 - Revista Internacional de Filosofía Política 24:61-76.
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    Comparative Citizenship: A Restrictive Turn in Europe?Christian Joppke - 2008 - Law and Ethics of Human Rights 2 (1):1-41.
    In the rapidly growing literature on comparative citizenship, a dominant assumption is that the nationality laws in Western states are converging on liberal norms of equality and inclusiveness. However, especially since the onset of the new millennium and an apparent failure of integrating Muslim immigrants there has been a remarkable counter-trend toward more restrictiveness. This paper reviews the causes and features of restrictiveness in the heartland of previous liberalization, north-west Europe. It is argued that even where it seems to be (...)
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    Islam and the Legal Enforcement of Morality.Christian Joppke - 2014 - Theory and Society 43 (6):589-615.
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