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    Heterodox Economics, Social Ethics, and Inequalities.Christina McRorie - 2019 - Journal of Religious Ethics 47 (2):232-258.
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    Rethinking Moral Agency in Markets: A Book Discussion on Behavioral Economics.Christina McRorie - 2016 - Journal of Religious Ethics 44 (1):195-226.
    Recent work in behavioral economics and psychology provides valuable resources for religious ethicists. This book discussion examines contributions by Cass Sunstein, Daniel Kahneman, George Akerlof and Rachel Kranton, Uri Gneezy and John A. List, and Douglas Hough. This literature raises important questions about ethical decision-making, moral agency and responsibility, and the ethics of life in global capitalism. It also opens up promising areas for interdisciplinary dialogue between economics and religious studies. This book discussion concludes that religious ethicists have much to (...)
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    Adam Smith, Ethicist.Christina McRorie - 2015 - Journal of Religious Ethics 43 (4):674-696.
    This essay argues that Adam Smith's political economy is premised upon a moral anthropology, and that greater attention to Smith from religious ethicists may both improve Smith scholarship and deepen dialogue on economic themes within the field of religious ethics. It does so first by surveying common readings of Smith and noting that engagement of his work within religious ethics and theology tends to rely on misconceptions prevalent in these readings. It then outlines the moral psychology that links Smith's Theory (...)
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