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Christopher A. Pynes
Western Illinois University
  1. Ad Hominem Arguments and Intelligent Design: Reply to Koperski.Christopher A. Pynes - 2012 - Zygon 47 (2):289-297.
    Abstract Jeffrey Koperski claims in Zygon (2008) that critics of Intelligent Design engage in fallacious ad hominem attacks on ID proponents and that this is a “bad way” to engage them. I show that Koperski has made several errors in his evaluation of the ID critics. He does not distinguish legitimate, relevant ad hominem arguments from fallacious ad hominem attacks. He conflates (or equates) the logical use of valid with the colloquial use of valid. Moreover, Koperski doesn't take seriously the (...)
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  2. Seven Arguments Against Extra Credit.Christopher A. Pynes - 2014 - Teaching Philosophy 37 (2):191-214.
    Overwhelmingly, students desire the opportunity to earn extra credit because they want higher grades, and many professors offer extra credit be­cause they want to motivate students. In this paper, I define the purposes of both grading and extra credit and offer three traditional arguments for making extra credit assignments available. I follow with seven arguments against the use of extra credit that include unnecessary extra work, grade inflation, and ultimately paradox. I finish with an example of a case where extra (...)
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    A Modern Analytic Socrates and Meno’s Paradox: A Dialogue.Christopher A. Pynes - 2003 - Inquiry: Critical Thinking Across the Disciplines 21 (3):23-25.
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    If Monty Hall Falls or Crawls.Christopher A. Pynes - 2014 - European Journal of Analytic Philosophy 9 (2):33-47.
    The Monty Hall problem is consistently misunderstood. Mathematician Jeffrey Rosenthal argues in Monty Hall, Monty Fall, Monty Crawl” and Struck By Lightning that a proportionality principle can solve and explain the Monty Hall problem and its variants like Monty Fall and Monty Crawl better than the classic solution. Rosenthal’s Monty Fall example and solution are examined in detail. I show he has misidentified the crucial assumption in the Monty Hall problem, and his own Monty Fall problem is logically equivalent to (...)
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  5. Why is There a Stem Cell Debate? And How to Depoliticize It.Christopher A. Pynes - 2007 - In Mohan Matthen & Christopher Stephens (eds.), Philosophy of Biology. Elsevier. pp. 144--425.
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    Melinda A. Roberts , Abortion and the Moral Significance of Merely Possible Persons: Finding Middle Ground in Hard Cases . Reviewed By.Christopher A. Pynes - 2012 - Philosophy in Review 32 (3):225-227.
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  7. Plato's Republic: A Tale of Two Cities.Donald C. Hodges & Christopher A. Pynes - 2002 - Telos: Critical Theory of the Contemporary 2002 (123):175-182.
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    Matti Häyry, Tuija Takala, Peter Herissone-Kelly and Gardar Árnason, Eds. , Arguments and Analysis in Bioethics . Reviewed By.Christopher A. Pynes - 2011 - Philosophy in Review 31 (3):209-212.
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