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    Property and Homelessness.Christopher Essert - 2016 - Philosophy and Public Affairs 44 (4):266-295.
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    A Dilemma for Protected Reasons.Christopher Essert - 2012 - Law and Philosophy 31 (1):49-75.
    Joseph Raz’s account of norms provides that a norm requiring an agent to φ is a reason to φ protected by an exclusionary reason not to act on some other reasons. I present a dilemma concerning the determination of the contents of this set of excluded reasons. The question is whether or not the set includes reasons that count in favour of φing. If the answer is yes, the account is committed to a picture of norms that seems inconsistent with (...)
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    Legal Powers in Private Law.Christopher Essert - 2015 - Legal Theory 21 (3-4):136-155.
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    Legal Obligation and Reasons.Christopher Essert - 2013 - Legal Theory 19 (1):63-88.
    Legal rationalist: law claims to give its subjects reasons for action. Normative reasons intuition: Reasons for action being key, the obvious way to establish that law makes a practical difference in people's deliberations is by arguing that the law claims to give reasons for action to its subjects. Explanatory Reasons Intuition: "And while it is possible to be confused about our normative reasons, it seems unlikely that everyone is confused all the time; so the fact that people consistently take the (...)
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  5. Critical Notice: From Raz’s Nexus to Legal Normativity.Christopher Essert - 2012 - Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence 25 (2):465-482.
    This is a Critical Notice of From Normativity to Responsibility, Joseph Raz’s brilliant treatment of the nature of normativity and reasons. Building on the thought that the law claims to give reasons to its subjects, I consider the application of Raz’s views about reasons to some questions in legal philosophy. I concentrate on what I take to be the central idea of the book, Raz’s “normative/explanatory nexus”, according to which a consideration cannot be a reason for an agent to perform (...)
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  6. Dignity and Membership, Equality and Egalitarianism: Economic Rights and Section 15.Christopher Essert - 2006 - Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence 19 (2).
    In this paper, I attempt to clarify the ideas of equality underlying section 15 claims for benefits such as welfare and health care; I use the name ‘economic rights claims’ for these types of claims. I adopt Joseph Raz’s division of equality claims into rhetorical egalitarian claims, which are based in a failure to equally respect a universal claim , and strict egalitarian claims, which are based on an actually existing unequal distribution of resources . I show how the dignity-based (...)
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    Intentional Action and Law.Christopher Essert - 2017 - Jurisprudence 8 (1):110-117.
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