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    Neuroethics: Challenges for the 21st century.Christopher H. Ramey - 2010 - Philosophical Psychology 23 (1):125-129.
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    Culture as extended mind and body.Christopher H. Ramey - 2007 - Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology 27-27 (2-1):146-169.
    In this article, I present and defend a phenomenology-inspired perspective of cognitive science that regards culture as an extension of mind and body. I consider the terminological difficulty of 'boundaries' involved with the concept of culture and then review a contrast between the metatheories of scientism and phenomenology. Having offered phenomenology as an emerging alternative to doing cognitive science, I consider the plausibility of the idea of extendedness with respect to mind and body. Finally, using research in the neuroscience of (...)
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    Did God Create Psychologists in His Image? Re-conceptualizing Cognitivism and the Subject Matter of Psychology.Christopher H. Ramey - 2005 - Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology 25 (2):173-190.
    In the present article, I will examine various conceptualizing-metaphors of cognitivist psychology that distance individuals from their world of experience. First, I will review the basic tenets of a person-world dichotomy in relation to the cognitivist assumptions of a rational, or computational, mind. Second, because language is the paradigmatic study of the mind in cognitivist psychology, I will evaluate how language is conceptualized within the cognitivist framework. Finally, I will examine the consequences of cognitivist psychology's subscription to a particular conceptualizing-metaphor (...)
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    Review of Varieties of presence. [REVIEW]Christopher H. Ramey - 2014 - Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology 34 (4):275-278.
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    Reviews. [REVIEW]John Sarnecki, Bertram F. Malle, Christopher H. Ramey & Marion Ledwig - 2007 - Philosophical Psychology 20 (4):539 – 555.
    Todd TremlinOxford, England: Oxford University Press, 2006256 pages, ISBN: 0195305345 (hbk); $30.00In his autobiography, Darwin describes the erosion of his religious belief as his own personal con...
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