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    Wittgenstein and Religious Dogma.Christopher Hoyt - 2007 - International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 61 (1):39 - 49.
    It is well understood that Wittgenstein defends religious faith against positivistic criticisms on the grounds of its logical independence. But exactly how are we to understand the nature of that independence? Most scholars take Wittgenstein to equate language-games with belief-systems, and thus to assert that religions are logical schemes founded on their own basic beliefs and principles of inference. By contrast, I argue that on Wittgenstein’s view, to have religious faith is to hold fast to a certain picture of the (...)
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    Wittgenstein on the Language of Rituals: The Scapegoat Remark Reconsidered.Christopher Hoyt - 2012 - Religious Studies 48 (2):165-182.
    Wittgenstein's remarks on religion suggest a provocative and nuanced account of what makes rituals meaningful — and why some living rituals might have little or no meaning despite their hold on congregants. Wittgenstein's view has been obscured, I argue, in part by the consistent misinterpretation of his controversial 'scapegoat remark', which has been taken to be a comment on the internal incoherence of the ancient Jewish scapegoat rite. In fact, Wittgenstein's point is that the scapegoat ritual is particularly easy to (...)
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    Gordon Graham: Wittgenstein & Natural Religion: Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2014, X + 219 Pp, $55.00.Christopher Hoyt - 2015 - International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 78 (2):255-260.
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    Mikel Burley: Contemplating Religious Forms of Life: Wittgenstein and D. Z. Phillips: New York: Continuum, 2012, Xii \documentclass[12pt]{Minimal} \usepackage{Amsmath} \usepackage{Wasysym} \usepackage{Amsfonts} \usepackage{Amssymb} \usepackage{Amsbsy} \usepackage{Mathrsfs} \usepackage{Upgreek} \setlength{\oddsidemargin}{-69pt} \begin{Document}$$+$$\end{Document} 200 Pages, $27.95. [REVIEW]Christopher Hoyt - 2013 - International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 74 (3):353-357.
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    The Worldview of Personalism and Lotze's Failed Psychology.Christopher Hoyt - 2008 - The Pluralist 3 (2):62 - 70.
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