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    N1 Enhancement in Synesthesia During Visual and Audio–Visual Perception in Semantic Cross-Modal Conflict Situations: An ERP Study.Christopher Sinke, Janina Neufeld, Daniel Wiswede, Hinderk M. Emrich, Stefan Bleich, Thomas F. Münte & Gregor R. Szycik - 2014 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 8.
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    Genuine and Drug-Induced Synesthesia: A Comparison.Christopher Sinke, John H. Halpern, Markus Zedler, Janina Neufeld, Hinderk M. Emrich & Torsten Passie - 2012 - Consciousness and Cognition 21 (3):1419-1434.
    Despite some principal similarities, there is no systematic comparison between the different types of synesthesia . This comprehensive review compares the three principal types of synesthesia and focuses on their phenomenological features and their relation to different etiological models. Implications of this comparison for the validity of the different etiological models are discussed.Comparison of the three forms of synesthesia show many more differences than similarities. This is in contrast to their representation in the literature, where they are discussed in many (...)
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    Deaf Hearing: Implicit Discrimination of Auditory Content in a Patient with Mixed Hearing Loss.Berit Brogaard, Kristian Marlow, Morten Overgaard, Bennett L. Schwartz, Cengiz Zopluoglu, Steffie Tomson, Janina Neufed, Christopher Sinke, Christopher Owen & David Eagleman - 2017 - Philosophical Psychology 30 (1-2):21-43.
    We describe a patient LS, profoundly deaf in both ears from birth, with underdeveloped superior temporal gyri. Without hearing aids, LS displays no ability to detect sounds below a fixed threshold of 60 dBs, which classifies him as clinically deaf. Under these no-hearing-aid conditions, when presented with a forced-choice paradigm in which he is asked to consciously respond, he is unable to make above-chance judgments about the presence or location of sounds. However, he is able to make above-chance judgments about (...)
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