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    Quantum Analysis of $$K=-1$$ K = - 1 Robertson–Walker Universe.Ciprian Dariescu & Marina-Aura Dariescu - 2015 - Foundations of Physics 45 (11):1495-1513.
    The \\)-Robertson–Walker spacetime is under investigation. With the derived Hamilton operator, we are solving the Wheeler–De Witt Equation and its Schrödinger-like extension, for physically important forms of the effective potential. The closed form solutions, expressed in terms of Heun’s functions, allow us to comment on the occurrence of Universe from highly probable quantum states.
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    Planary Symmetric Static Worlds with Massless Scalar Sources.Ciprian Dariescu - 1996 - Foundations of Physics 26 (8):1069-1080.
    Motivated by the recent wave of investigations on plane domain wall spacetimes with nontrivial topologies, the present paper deals with (probably) the most simple source field configuration which can generate a spatially planary symmetric static spacetime, namely a minimally coupled massless scalar field that depends only upon a spacelike coordinate. z. It is shown that the corresponding exact solutions (ℳ. g±) are algebraically special, type D-[S-3T] (in11), and represent globally pathologic spacetimes with a G4-group of motion acting on R2 × (...)
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    SU (2)× U (1) Gauge Theory of Bosonic and Fermionic Fields inS 3× R Space-Time.Ciprian Dariescu & Marina-Aura Dariescu - 1994 - Foundations of Physics 24 (11):1577-1582.
  4. List of Contents: Volume 12, Number 3, June 1999.Jose L. SaÂnchez-GoÂmez, Jesus Unturbe, Ciprian Dariescu, Marina-Aura Dariescu, Rotationally Symmetric, Fabio Cardone, Mauro Francaviglia, Roberto Mignani, Energy-Dependent Phenomenological Metrics & Five-Dimensional Einstein - 1999 - Foundations of Physics 29 (10).
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    SU(2) ×U(1) Gauge Theory of Bosonic and Fermionic Fields inS 3 ×R Space-Time.Ciprian Dariescu & Marina -Aura Dariescu - 1994 - Foundations of Physics 24 (11):1577-1582.
    The tetradic Lorentz-gauge invariant formulation of the SU(2) × U(1) theory in S3 × R space-time is presented and the general gauge covariant Dirac-Klein-Gordon-Maxwell-Yang-Mills equations are derived. A direct comparison of these equations to those of the SU(2) × U(1) gauge theory on Minkowskian background points out major differences effectively induced by the minimally coupling to S3 × R gravity.
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