1.  17
    Freedom and Oppression.Claire Grant - 2013 - Politics, Philosophy and Economics 12 (4):413-425.
    Oppression is commonly deemed a problem of freedom. How though should we conceptualise the freedom-restricting nature of oppression? This paper aims to show that the unfreedom in oppression may be understood in terms of individual negative liberty. The controversial concept of collective unfreedom is not needed. Non-cooperation among the oppressed generates constraints on individual freedom. This non-cooperation is ultimately attributable to the exercise of social power by oppressors. It is in this sense that the resultant states of individual unfreedom are (...)
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    Secret Laws.Claire Grant - 2012 - Ratio Juris 25 (3):301-317.
    There is a thesis that legal rules need to be made public because people cannot guide their conduct by rules they cannot know. This thesis has been a mainstay of anti-positivism and the controversy over it continues apace. However, positivism can accommodate the secret laws thesis. The deeper import of the debate over secret laws concerns our understanding of law's nature. In this regard secrecy merits attention as a candidate necessary connection between law and immorality. In addition the mediating role (...)
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  3.  9
    Daniel A. Bell and Avner de‐Shalit, Eds., Forms of Justice: Critical Perspectives on David Miller's Political Philosophy:Forms of Justice: Critical Perspectives on David Miller's Political Philosophy.Claire Grant - 2007 - Ethics 117 (4):742-747.
  4.  3
    Review of Disadvantage, by Wolff, J. And de-Shalit, A. [REVIEW]Claire Grant - 2008 - Ethics 118 (2):370-375.
  5.  3
    Book Reviews:Disadvantage. [REVIEW]Claire Grant - 2008 - Ethics 118 (2):371-375.
  6.  1
    Positivism and the Separation of Law and Morals, Fifty Years On. [REVIEW]Claire Grant - 2009 - Political Theory 37 (1):167 - 173.
  7. Number and Government.Claire Grant - 2007 - In Michael D. A. Freeman & Ross Harrison (eds.), Law and Philosophy. Oxford University Press.
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  8. The Legacy of H.L.A. Hart: Legal, Political and Moral Philosophy.Matthew Kramer, Claire Grant, Ben Colburn & Antony Hatzistavrou (eds.) - 2008 - Oxford University Press UK.
    This book brings together contributions from seventeen of the world's foremost legal and political philosophers to examine the lasting influence of H.L.A. Hart. The essays explore the major subjects of Hart's work: general jurisprudence, criminal responsibility, rights, justice, causation and the foundations of liberalism.
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