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    Decidability by filtrations for graded normal logics (graded modalities V).Claudio Cerrato - 1994 - Studia Logica 53 (1):61 - 73.
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    Cut-free modal sequents for normal modal logics.Claudio Cerrato - 1993 - Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 34 (4):564-582.
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    Modal sequents.Claudio Cerrato - 1996 - In Heinrich Wansing (ed.), Proof theory of modal logic. Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers. pp. 141--166.
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    Modal sequents for normal modal logics.Claudio Cerrato - 1993 - Mathematical Logic Quarterly 39 (1):231-240.
    We present sequent calculi for normal modal logics where modal and propositional behaviours are separated, and we prove a cut elimination theorem for the basic system K, so as completeness theorems both for K itself and for its most popular enrichments. MSC: 03B45, 03F05.
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    Modal Tree‐Sequents.Claudio Cerrato - 1996 - Mathematical Logic Quarterly 42 (1):197-210.
    We develop cut-free calculi of sequents for normal modal logics by using treesequents, which are trees of sequences of formulas. We introduce modal operators corresponding to the ways we move formulas along the branches of such trees, only considering fixed distance movements. Finally, we exhibit syntactic cut-elimination theorems for all the main normal modal logics.
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    Natural Deduction Based upon Strict Implication for Normal Modal Logics.Claudio Cerrato - 1994 - Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 35 (4):471-495.
    We present systems of Natural Deduction based on Strict Implication for the main normal modal logics between K and S5. In this work we consider Strict Implication as the main modal operator, and establish a natural correspondence between Strict Implication and strict subproofs.
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