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    The Organization of Knowledge: Beyond Campbell's Evolutionary Epistemology.Wayne D. Christensen & Clifford A. Hooker - 1999 - Philosophy of Science 66 (3):249.
    Donald Campbell has long advocated a naturalist epistemology based on a general selection theory, with the scope of knowledge restricted to vicarious adaptive processes. But being a vicariant is problematic because it involves an unexplained epistemic relation. We argue that this relation is to be explicated organizationally in terms of the regulation of behavior and internal state by the vicariant, but that Campbell's selectionist approach can give no satisfactory account of it because it is opaque to organization. We show how (...)
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    The Relational Doctrines of Space and Time.Clifford A. Hooker - 1971 - British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 22 (2):97-130.
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    Bohr and the Crisis of Empirical Intelligibility: An Essay on the Depth of Bohr's Thought and Our Philosophical Ignorance.Clifford A. Hooker - 1994 - In Jan Faye & Henry J. Folse (eds.), Niels Bohr and Contemporary Philosophy. Kluwer Academic Publishers. pp. 155--199.
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    Metaphysics and Modern Physics.Clifford A. Hooker - 1973 - In C. A. Hooker (ed.), Contemporary Research in the Foundations and Philosophy of Quantum Theory. Boston: D. Reidel. pp. 174--304.
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    Probability and Hume's Inductive Scepticism. [REVIEW]Clifford A. Hooker - 1975 - Hume Studies 1 (1):25-29.
  6. An Evolutionary Naturalist Realist Doctrine of Perception.Clifford A. Hooker - 1978 - In W. Savage (ed.), Perception and Cognition. University of Minnesota Press.
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  7. Reason, Regulation, and Realism: Toward a Regulatory Systems Theory of Reason and Evolutionary Epistemology.Clifford A. Hooker - 1999 - Philosophical and Phenomenological Research 59 (2):541-544.
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