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  1. Animal Abuse in Childhood and Later Support for Interpersonal Violence in Families.Clifton P. Flynn - 1999 - Society and Animals 7 (2):161-172.
    A survey of university students tested whether committing animal abuse during childhood was related to approval of interpersonal violence against children and women in families. Respondents who had abused an animal as children or adolescents were significantly more likely to support corporal punishment, even after controlling for frequency of childhood spanking, race, biblical literalism, and gender. Those who had perpetrated animal abuse were also more likely to approve of a husband slapping his wife. Engaging in childhood violence against less powerful (...)
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  2. Acknowledging the "Zoological Connection": A Sociological Analysis of Animal Cruelty.Clifton Flynn - 2001 - Society and Animals 9 (1):71-87.
    Sociologists have largely ignored the role of animals in society. This article argues that human-animal interaction is a topic worthy of sociological consideration and applies a sociological analysis to one problematic aspect of human-animal relationships - animal cruelty. The article reformulates animal cruelty, traditionally viewed using a psychopathological model, from a sociological perspective.The article identifies social and cultural factors related to the occurrence of animal cruelty. Ultimately, animal cruelty is a serious social problem that deserves attention in its own right, (...)
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    Battered Women and Their Animal Companions: Symbolic Interaction Between Human and Nonhuman Animals.Clifton Flynn - 2000 - Society and Animals 8 (2):99-127.
    Only recently have sociologists considered the role of nonhuman animals in human society. The few studies undertaken of battered women and their animal companions have revealed high rates of animal abuse co-existing with domestic violence. This study examines several aspects of the relationship between humans and animals in violent homes. The study explored the role of companion animals in the abusive relationship through in-depth, semi-structured interviews with clients at a battered women's shelter. In particular, the study focused on the use (...)
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    Hunting and Illegal Violence Against Humans and Other Animals: Exploring the Relationship.Clifton Flynn - 2002 - Society and Animals 10 (2):137-154.
    This study examined the relationship between hunting and illegal violence among college males. Although similar on many socio-demographic characteristics such as age and social class , hunters were more likely than non-hunters to be white and Protestant. They also were more likely to have grown up with a family member who hunted. Hunters were about twice as likely to have been violent toward nonhuman animals; however, one type of violence—killing wild or stray animals—accounted for this difference. Regarding violence toward people, (...)
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  5. Brill Online Books and Journals.Clifton P. Flynn - 2000 - Society and Animals 8 (2).
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    Social Psychological Advances in Human-Animal Studies Sarah Knight & Harold Herzog. New Perspectives on Human-Animal Interactions: Theory, Policy, and Research. Journal of Social Issues (Special Issue), 2009. [REVIEW]Clifton P. Flynn - 2010 - Society and Animals 18 (3):324-327.
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    Review Animals and Sociology Peggs Kay Palgrave Macmillan New York, NY.Clifton P. Flynn - 2013 - Journal of Animal Ethics 3 (2):220-222.
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    Review For Our Children: The Ethics of Animal Experimentation in the Age of Genetic Engineering Nordgren Anders Rodopi Amsterdam, the Netherlands.Clifton P. Flynn - 2011 - Journal of Animal Ethics 1 (2):230-232.
  9. Women-Battering, Pet Abuse, and Human-Animal Relationships.Clifton P. Flynn - 2009 - In Andrew Linzey (ed.), The Link Between Animal Abuse and Human Violence. Sussex Academic Press. pp. 116--125.
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