1.  71
    News Media Coverage of Euthanasia: A Content Analysis of Dutch National Newspapers.Judith Ac Rietjens, Natasja Jh Raijmakers, Pauline Sc Kouwenhoven, Clive Seale, Ghislaine Jmw van Thiel, Margo Trappenburg, Johannes Jm van Delden & Agnes van der Heide - 2013 - BMC Medical Ethics 14 (1):11.
    The Netherlands is one of the few countries where euthanasia is legal under strict conditions. This study investigates whether Dutch newspaper articles use the term ‘euthanasia’ according to the legal definition and determines what arguments for and against euthanasia they contain.
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  2. Commodification of Body Parts: By Medicine or by Media?Clive Seale, Debbie Cavers & Mary Dixon-Woods - 2006 - Body and Society 12 (1):25-42.
    Commentators frequently point to the involvement of biomedicine and bio-science in the objectification and commodification of human body parts, and the consequent potential for violation of personal, social and community meanings. Through a study of UK media coverage of controversies associated with the removal of body parts and human materials from children, we argue that an exclusive emphasis on the role of medicine and the bio-sciences in the commodification of human materials ignores the important role played by commercially motivated mass (...)
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  3.  22
    Continuous Sedation Until Death: The Everyday Moral Reasoning of Physicians, Nurses and Family Caregivers in the UK, The Netherlands and Belgium.Kasper Raus, Jayne Brown, Clive Seale, Judith Ac Rietjens, Rien Janssens, Sophie Bruinsma, Freddy Mortier, Sheila Payne & Sigrid Sterckx - 2014 - BMC Medical Ethics 15 (1):14.
    Continuous sedation is increasingly used as a way to relieve symptoms at the end of life. Current research indicates that some physicians, nurses, and relatives involved in this practice experience emotional and/or moral distress. This study aims to provide insight into what may influence how professional and/or family carers cope with such distress.
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    Stories of Caring and Connection Four Books on Death and DyingThe Good Death: The New American Search to Reshape the End of LifeDying Well: The Prospect for Growth at the End of LifeFragments on the DeathwatchConstructing Death. [REVIEW]Joshua Hauser, John Lantos, Marilyn Webb, Ira Byock, Louise Harmon & Clive Seale - 2000 - Hastings Center Report 30 (2):44.
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  5. Financial Incentives to Encourage Healthy Behaviour: An Analysis of UK Media.Hannah Parke, Richard Ashcroft, Rebecca Brown & Clive Seale - 2013 - Health Expectations 16 (3):292-304.
    Background Policies to use financial incentives to encourage healthy behaviour are controversial. Much of this controversy is played out in the mass media, both reflecting and shaping public opinion. Objective To describe UK mass media coverage of incentive schemes, comparing schemes targeted at different client groups and assessing the relative prominence of the views of different interest groups. Design Thematic content analysis. Subjects National and local news coverage in newspapers, news media targeted at health-care providers and popular websites between January (...)
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