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    When Asking the Question Changes the Ultimate Answer: Metamemory Judgments Change Memory.Ainsley L. Mitchum, Colleen M. Kelley & Mark C. Fox - 2016 - Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 145 (2):200-219.
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    The Construction of Subjective Experience: Memory Attributions.Colleen M. Kelley & Larry L. Jacoby - 1990 - Mind and Language 5 (1):49-68.
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    Recollection and Familiarity.Colleen M. Kelley & L. L. Jacoby - 2000 - In Endel Tulving (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Memory. Oxford University Press. pp. 215--228.
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    Cognitive Control Constrains Memory Attributions.Colleen M. Kelley & Larry L. Jacoby - 2019 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 42.
    Cognitive control constrains retrieval processing and so restricts what comes to mind as input to the attribution system. We review evidence that older adults, patients with Alzheimer's disease, and people with traumatic brain injury exert less cognitive control during retrieval, and so are susceptible to memory misattributions in the form of dramatic levels of false remembering.
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    Thoughts on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Memory.Colleen M. Kelley & Benjamin R. Stephens - 1989 - In P. Solomon, G. Goethals, Clarence M. Kelley & Ron Stephens (eds.), Memory: Interdisciplinary Approaches. Springer Verlag. pp. 271--279.
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