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  1. The Synoptic Vision: Essays on the Philosophy of Wilfrid Sellars.Cornelius Delaney, Michael J. Loux, Gary Gutting & W. David Solomon - 1977 - University of Notre Dame Press.
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  2. Essays on Ethics and Action.Cornelius Francis Delaney - 1997 - Dissertation, Princeton University
    This dissertation consists in three essays, one in ethics, one in action theory and one at the intersection of these fields. The first essay concerns romantic love, and makes explicit both the psychological needs people commonly expect it to service and the robust yet conditional commitment it demands. The basic ideas are the following: people regularly want to form an intimate union with another, to be loved for properties of certain sorts, and to have this love generate and sustain a (...)
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    Sellars' Grain Argument.Cornelius F. Delaney - 1971 - Australasian Journal of Philosophy 50 (1):14-16.
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    John Locke.Cornelius F. Delaney - 1970 - New Scholasticism 44 (3):474-475.
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    John Locke: Two Tracts on Government. [REVIEW]Cornelius F. Delaney - 1970 - New Scholasticism 44 (3):474-475.
  6. Peirce on Science and Metaphysics: Overview of a Synoptic Vision: Peirce Sobre Ciência E Metafísica: Visão Geral de Uma Visão Sinóptica.Cornelius Delaney - 2002 - Cognitio 3.
    : The explanatory priority of natural science is an hallmark of pragmatism in the Peircean tradition. In his case the pride of place accorded to natural science applied in the first instance to science conceived concretely as an empirically constrained hypothetico-deductive methodology but the privileging spilled over to actual scientific explanations conceived of as converging on a complete explanation in the limit. However, from his perspective this privileging of natural science did not exclude metaphysical explanation but rather required it. In (...)
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