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    The emergence and early development of autobiographical memory.Mark L. Howe & Mary L. Courage - 1997 - Psychological Review 104 (3):499-523.
  2.  40
    How Can I Remember When "I" Wasn′t There: Long-Term Retention of Traumatic Experiences and Emergence of the Cognitive Self.Mark L. Howe, Mary L. Courage & Carole Peterson - 1994 - Consciousness and Cognition 3 (3-4):327-355.
    In this article, we focus on two issues, namely, the nature and onset of very early personal memories, especially for traumatic events, and the role of stress in long-term retention. We begin by outlining a theory of early autobiographical memory, one whose unfolding is coincident with emergence of the cognitive self. It is argued that it is not until this self emerges that personal memories will remain viable over extended periods of time. We illustrate this with 25 cases of young (...)
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    Toddlers Using Tablets: They Engage, Play, and Learn.Mary L. Courage, Lynn M. Frizzell, Colin S. Walsh & Megan Smith - 2021 - Frontiers in Psychology 12.
    Although very young children have unprecedented access to touchscreen devices, there is limited research on how successfully they operate these devices for play and learning. For infants and toddlers, whose cognitive, fine motor, and executive functions are immature, several basic questions are significant: Can they operate a tablet purposefully to achieve a goal? Can they acquire operating skills and learn new information from commercially available apps? Do individual differences in executive functioning predict success in using and learning from the apps? (...)
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  4. A Study of Plato's Laches.On Manly Courage - forthcoming - Philosophical Explorations. Carbondale, Il: Southern Illinois University Press.
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    Re-presenting racial reality:Chicago’s new (media) Negro artists of the depression era.Richard A. Courage - 2012 - Technoetic Arts 10 (2-3):309-318.
    Since literary historian Robert Bone published his seminal essay ‘Richard Wright and the Chicago Renaissance’ in 1986, scholars have created new cartographies of previously unexplored terrain in American cultural history. The earliest studies focused on literature, but more recently attention has turned to other disciplines, including visual arts. Recent publication of The Muse in Bronzeville: African American Creative Expression in Chicago, 1932–1950 (2011) by Robert Bone and Richard A. Courage promises to decisively broaden scholarly understandings of the scope and significance (...)
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    Work-family policies:: Corporate, union, feminist, and pro-family leaders' views.Richard Tate, Karolyn Godbey, Myrna Courage, Sandra Seymour & Patricia Yancey Martin - 1988 - Gender and Society 2 (3):385-400.
    American leaders in four realms were studied to assess their views on the helpfulness to workers with family obligations of employers' policies and services. The realms were corporate management, labor unions, the pro-family movement, and the feminist movement. The data were analyzed by leadership realm and gender in relation to policies of two types: scheduling and work arrangements and services and benefits. Gender accounted for the respondents' views better than class or social movement did. Except for feminist men, the men (...)
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