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    Why do we need to know what the public thinks about nanotechnology?Craig Cormick - 2009 - NanoEthics 3 (2):167-173.
    Public debate on nanotechnology is a large topic within governments, research agencies, industry and non-government organisations. But depending who you talk to the perception of what the public thinks about nanotechnology can be very varied. To define coherent policy and to invest in research and development that aligns with public preferences, needs more than just perceptions of public perceptions. Public attitude studies are vital in understanding what the public really think, but they need to go further than simplistic polling and (...)
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    Piecing together the elephant: Public engagement on nanotechnology challenges.Craig Cormick - 2009 - Science and Engineering Ethics 15 (4):439-442.
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    The Challenges of Community Engagement.Craig Cormick - 2010 - NanoEthics 4 (3):229-231.
    Lyons and Whelan provide a useful list of recommendations as to how community engagement on nanotechnology could be improved, which very few people working in community engagement could disagree with. However, as the conclusions of any study are dependent on the data obtained, if more data had been obtained and analysed then different conclusions might have been reached. Addressing the key issues in the paper and providing more data, also allows an opportunity to expand on current issues relating to community (...)
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    Valuing Values: Better Public Engagement on Nanotechnology Demands a Better Understanding of the Diversity of Publics.Craig Cormick & Simon Hunter - 2014 - NanoEthics 8 (1):57-71.
    As public attitude research evolves, often becoming more complex and variable, we are coming to understand that public attitudes are also more complex and variable than can often be captured by a single opinion poll, and more sophisticated forms of analyses are needed that look not just at a breadth of attitudes, but at a breadth of publics. The Australian Department of Industry undertook a public attitude study in 2012 that was not only longitudinal, looking at changes in attitudes towards (...)
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    Erratum to: Why do we need to know what the public thinks about nanotechnology? [REVIEW]Craig Cormick - 2010 - NanoEthics 4 (1):89-89.
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