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Crista Lebens
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
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    The Center Must Not Hold: White Women Philosophers on the Whiteness of Philosophy.George Yancy, Barbara Applebaum, Susan E. Babbitt, Alison Bailey, Berit Brogaard, Lisa Heldke, Sarah Hoagland, Cynthia Kaufman, Crista Lebens, Cris Mayo, Alexis Shotwell, Shannon Sullivan, Lisa Tessman & Audrey Thompson - 2010 - Lexington Books.
    In this collection, white women philosophers engage boldly in critical acts of exploring ways of naming and disrupting whiteness in terms of how it has defined the conceptual field of philosophy. Focuses on the whiteness of the epistemic and value-laden norms within philosophy itself, the text dares to identify the proverbial elephant in the room known as white supremacy and how that supremacy functions as the measure of reason, knowledge, and philosophical intelligibility.
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    White Self-Criticality Beyond Anti-Racism: How Does It Feel to Be a White Problem?Rebecca Aanerud, Barbara Applebaum, Alison Bailey, Steve Garner, Robin James, Crista Lebens, Steve Martinot, Nancy McHugh, Bridget M. Newell, David S. Owen, Alexis Sartwell & Karen Teel - 2014 - Lexington Books.
    George Yancy gathers white scholarship that dwells on the experience of whiteness as a problem without sidestepping the question’s implications for Black people or people of color. This unprecedented reversion of the “Black problem” narrative challenges contemporary rhetoric of a color-evasive world in a critically engaging and persuasive study.
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    Hard a' Lee.Crista Lebens - 2012 - In Patrick Goold & Fritz Allhoff (eds.), Sailing – Philosophy for Everyone. Oxford, UK: Blackwell. pp. 23–35.
    This chapter contains sections titled: Preparing the Boat to Sail Casting Off Some Existentialist Reflections Cruising The Social Dimensions of Sailing “Hard a' Lee” or Coming About Sailing Close‐Hauled Noticing the “Presence of the Absence” (Heavy Sailing Ahead) The Broad Reach Practical Wisdom Capsizing Human Experience Returning to the Pier Pleasure, Elegance, and Truth Final Tasks.
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    Sacredly Cultivated Ignorance.Crista Lebens - 2015 - Social Philosophy Today 31:85-97.
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    White Feminism and Antiracism.Crista Lebens - 2006 - International Studies in Philosophy 38 (1):73-84.