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    The return of the native: A cultural and social-psychological critique of Durkheim's "suicide" based on the guarani-kaiowá of southwestern Brazil.Cynthia Lins Hamlin & Robert J. Brym - 2006 - Sociological Theory 24 (1):42 - 57.
    This article argues that Durkheim's theory of suicide is deficient because of its monocausal reasoning, its conception of suicide as an action without subjects, and its characterization of preliterate societies as harmonious, self-contained, and morphologically static. It shows that these deficiencies can be overcome by including cultural and social-psychological considerations in the analysis of suicide-specifically by including culture as a causal force in its own right and drawing links between social circumstances, cultural beliefs and values, and individual dispositions. The authors (...)
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    An Exchange between Gadamer and Glenn Gould on Hermeneutics and Music.Cynthia Lins Hamlin - 2016 - Theory, Culture and Society 33 (3):103-122.
    This paper explores the meaning of interpretation in the works of Hans-Georg Gadamer and Glenn Gould, the Canadian pianist and intellectual. As a performing art, music illustrates the cognitive and practical dimensions of interpretation. While emphasizing the pre-interpreted character of musical reception and performance, both authors point to the fact that difference, alterity, and negativity lie at the heart of creative interpretation, cultivation and self-knowledge. The notion of ecstasy, understood as a type of self-forgetfulness that represents a radical form of (...)
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    Boudon: agência, estrutura e individualismo metodológico.Cynthia Lins Hamlin - forthcoming - Kriterion: Journal of Philosophy (48).