1. Alzheimer's disease -like pathology in aged monkeys after infantile exposure to environmental metal lead : evidence for a developmental origin and environmental link for AD.J. Wu, M. R. Basha, B. Brock, D. P. Cox, F. Cardozo-Pelaez, C. A. McPherson, J. Harry, D. C. Rice, B. Maloney, D. Chen, D. K. Lahiri & N. H. Zawia - 2008 - J Neurosci 28:3-9.
    The sporadic nature of Alzheimer's disease argues for an environmental link that may drive AD pathogenesis; however, the triggering factors and the period of their action are unknown. Recent studies in rodents have shown that exposure to lead during brain development predetermined the expression and regulation of the amyloid precursor protein and its amyloidogenic beta-amyloid product in old age. Here, we report that the expression of AD-related genes [APP, BACE1 ] as well as their transcriptional regulator were elevated in aged (...)
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    Lifespan profiles of Alzheimer's disease-associated genes and products in monkeys and mice.R. Dosunmu, J. Wu, L. Adwan, B. Maloney, M. R. Basha, C. A. McPherson, G. J. Harry, D. C. Rice, N. H. Zawia & D. K. Lahiri - 2009 - J Alzheimers Dis 18:211-30.
    Alzheimer's disease is characterized by plaques of amyloid-beta peptide, cleaved from amyloid-beta protein precursor . Our hypothesis is that lifespan profiles of AD-associated mRNA and protein levels in monkeys would differ from mice and that differential lifespan expression profiles would be useful to understand human AD pathogenesis. We compared profiles of AbetaPP mRNA, AbetaPP protein, and Abeta levels in rodents and primates. We also tracked a transcriptional regulator of the AbetaPP gene, specificity protein 1 , and the beta amyloid precursor (...)
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    Co-localization and distribution of cerebral APP and SP1 and its relationship to amyloidogenesis.B. Brock, R. Basha, K. DiPalma, A. Anderson, G. J. Harry, D. C. Rice, B. Maloney, D. K. Lahiri & N. H. Zawia - 2008 - J Alzheimers Dis 13:71-80.
    Alzheimer's disease is characterized by amyloid-beta peptide -loaded plaques in the brain. Abeta is a cleavage fragment of amyloid-beta protein precursor and over production of APP may lead to amyloidogenesis. The regulatory region of the APP gene contains consensus sites recognized by the transcription factor, specificity protein 1 , which has been shown to be required for the regulation of APP and Abeta. To understand the role of SP1 in APP biogenesis, herein we have characterized the relative distribution and localization (...)
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