Dan Egonsson [17]D. Egonsson [1]
  1. Kant's Vegetarianism.Dan Egonsson - 1997 - Journal of Value Inquiry 31 (4):473-483.
  2.  86
    Behavioral Genetics. The Clash of Culture and Biology: Edited by Ronald A Carson and Mark A Rothstein, Baltimore and London, The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1999, 206 Pages, Pound33.00. [REVIEW]D. Egonsson - 2001 - Journal of Medical Ethics 27 (1):68-69.
  3.  9
    Review of Behavioral Genetics, Journal of Medical Ethics. [REVIEW]Dan Egonsson - forthcoming - Journal of Medical Ethics.
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    Some Comments on the Substituted Judgement Standard.Dan Egonsson - 2010 - Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 13 (1):33-40.
    On a traditional interpretation of the substituted judgement standard a person who makes treatment decisions on behalf of a non-competent patient ought to decide as the patient would have decided had she been competent. I propose an alternative interpretation of SJS in which the surrogate is required to infer what the patient actually thought about these end-of-life decisions. In clarifying SJS it is also important to differentiate the patient's consent and preference. If SJS is part of an autonomy ideal of (...)
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    Hypothetical Approval in Prudence and Medicine.Dan Egonsson - 2007 - Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 10 (3):245-252.
    We often assume that hypothetical approval – either in the form of preferences or consent – under ideal conditions adds to the legitimacy of an arrangement or act. I want to show that this assumption, reasonable as it may seem, will also give rise to ethical problems. I focus on three problem areas: prudence, euthanasia and coercive psychiatric treatment. If we are to count as prudentially or morally␣relevant those preferences you would have if you were informed and rational, we will (...)
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    Speaking for the Dead: Cadavers in Biology and Medicine.Dan Egonsson - 2002 - In Ellen Frankel Paul, Fred Dycus Miller & Jeffrey Paul (eds.), Bioethics. Cambridge University Press. pp. 16--4.