1.  22
    Grasping Spatial Relationships: Failure to Demonstrate Allocentric Visual Coding in a Patient with Visual Form Agnosia.H. Chris Dijkerman, A. David Milner & D. P. Carey - 1998 - Consciousness and Cognition 7 (3):424-437.
    The cortical visual mechanisms involved in processing spatial relationships remain subject to debate. According to one current view, the ''dorsal stream'' of visual areas, emanating from primary visual cortex and culminating in the posterior parietal cortex, mediates this aspect of visual processing. More recently, others have argued that while the dorsal stream provides egocentric coding of visual location for motor control, the separate ''ventral'' stream is needed for allocentric spatial coding. We have assessed the visual form agnosic patient DF, whose (...)
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  2.  44
    Perception and Action in Depth.D. P. Carey, H. Chris Dijkerman & A. David Milner - 1998 - Consciousness and Cognition 7 (3):438-453.
    Little is known about distance processing in patients with posterior brain damage. Although many investigators have claimed that distance estimates are normal or abnormal in some of these patients, many of these observations were made informally and the examiners often asked for relative, and not absolute, distance estimates. The present investigation served two purposes. First, we wanted to contrast the use of distance information in peripersonal space for perceptual report as opposed to visuomotor control in our visual form agnosic patient, (...)
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    Blindsight in Rodents: The Use of a "High-Level" Distance Cue in Gerbils with Lesions of Primary Visual Cortex.D. P. Carey, Melvyn A. Goodale & E. G. Sprowl - 1990 - Behavioural Brain Research 38:283-289.
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    Niche Construction at the “Workface” of the Human Behavioural Sciences.P. A. Russell & D. P. Carey - 2000 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 23 (1):158-158.
    Niche construction is a potentially important concept for the human behavioural sciences but we question how it differs from models of gene-culture coevolution and whether it can be developed in the detailed ways that will be necessary if it is going to make a significant contribution to the human behavioural sciences.
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    Casting One's Net Too Widely?D. P. Carey & A. D. Milner - 1994 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 17 (1):65.