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    Heuristics and Biases: The Psychology of Intuitive Judgment.Thomas Gilovich, Dale Griffin & Daniel Kahneman (eds.) - 2002 - Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
    Is our case strong enough to go to trial? Will interest rates go up? Can I trust this person? Such questions - and the judgments required to answer them - are woven into the fabric of everyday experience. This book, first published in 2002, examines how people make such judgments. The study of human judgment was transformed in the 1970s, when Kahneman and Tversky introduced their 'heuristics and biases' approach and challenged the dominance of strictly rational models. Their work highlighted (...)
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    People Focus on Optimistic Scenarios and Disregard Pessimistic Scenarios While Predicting Task Completion Times.Ian R. Newby-Clark, Michael Ross, Roger Buehler, Derek J. Koehler & Dale Griffin - 2000 - Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied 6 (3):171-182.
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    Frequency Formats Are a Small Part of the Base Rate Story.Dale Griffin, Derek J. Koehler & Lyle Brenner - 2007 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 30 (3):268-269.
    Manipulations that draw attention to extensional or set-based considerations are neither sufficient nor necessary for enhanced use of base rates in intuitive judgments. Frequency formats are only one part of the puzzle of base-rate use and neglect. The conditions under which these and other manipulations promote base-rate use may be more parsimoniously organized under the broader notion of case-based judgment.
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