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  1. The North American Paul Tillich Society.Robert Meditz, Reconsidering Commitment & Daniel A. Morris - 2011 - Bulletin for the North American Paul Tillich Society 37 (3).
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    Reason and Emotion in the Ethics of Self‐Restraint.Daniel A. Morris - 2014 - Journal of Religious Ethics 42 (3):495-515.
    In this essay I argue that Reinhold Niebuhr's ethics of self-restraint, though promising, is based on an incomplete and imprecise moral psychology. Although Niebuhr claims that reason cannot provide a sufficient grounding to motivate self-restraint, he does not disclose which human capacity might serve this purpose. I suggest that we can address this oversight by strengthening Niebuhr's tentative embrace of David Hume, and by developing a concept of the emotions in order to explain how human beings can cultivate a stable (...)
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    Reinhold Niebuhr’s Paradox: Paralysis, Violence, and Pragmatism by Daniel Malotky, And: Moral Man and Immoral Society: A Study in Ethics and Politics by Reinhold Niebuhr, And: An Interpretation of Christian Ethics by Reinhold Niebuhr.Daniel A. Morris - 2015 - Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics 35 (1):207-210.
  4. Virtue and Irony in American Democracy: Revisiting Dewey and Niebuhr.Daniel A. Morris - 2015 - Lexington Books.
    Virtue and Irony in American Democracy: Revisiting Dewey and Niebuhr offers original, accessible democratic-virtue readings of Dewey and Niebuhr, showing implications for political responses to economic inequality on the basis of the virtues they imply. It includes an innovative critique of the Dewey/Niebuhr debate, arguing that these two prominent theorists of democracy failed to exhibit an important form of tolerance in their engagement with each other.
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