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    Economics Invents the Economy: Mathematics, Statistics, and Models in the Work of Irving Fisher and Wesley Mitchell. [REVIEW]Daniel Breslau - 2003 - Theory and Society 32 (3):379-411.
    The “embeddedness” of economic life in social relations has become a productive analytical principle and the basis of a penetrating critique of economic orthodoxy. But this critique raises another important, social and historical question, of how the economy became “disembedded” in the first place – how the multitude of transactions designated (somewhat arbitrarily) as economic were abstracted from the rest of social life and reconstituted as an object, the economy, which behaves according to its own logic. This article investigates the (...)
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    Sociology After Humanism: A Lesson From Contemporary Science Studies.Daniel Breslau - 2000 - Sociological Theory 18 (2):289-307.
    The field of science studies is the site of an explicit reflection on the ontological premises of sociology, with rival approaches defined by distinctive ways of specifying the basic constituents of reality. This article takes advantage of this debate to compare three types of ontological schemes in terms of their internal coherence and their consequences for sociology. Sociological humanism-represented by proponents of the sociology of scientific knowledge (SSK)-distinguishes between an immanent domain of social relations, a transcendent and meaningless material reality, (...)
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    The Scientific Appropriation of Social Research.Daniel Breslau - 1990 - Theory and Society 19 (4):417-446.
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    The Political Power of Research Methods: Knowledge Regimes in U.S. Labor-Market Policy. [REVIEW]Daniel Breslau - 1997 - Theory and Society 26 (6):869-902.
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    Forbid the Forbidding: A Rejoinder to Andrew Pickering.Daniel Breslau - 2000 - Sociological Theory 18 (2):317-319.
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    Beyond Metaphor: Mathematical Models in Economics as Empirical Research.Daniel Breslau & Yuval Yonay - 1999 - Science in Context 12 (2).
  7. The State's Scientific Instruments: The Politics of Measurement in US Labor Market Policy.Daniel Breslau - 1997 - Theory and Society 26:869-902.
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    Is the Sociology of Knowledge Unethical?Daniel Breslau - 1997 - Social Epistemology 11 (2):217 – 222.
  9. The Real and the Imaginary in Economic Methodology.Daniel Breslau - 2005 - In George Steinmetz (ed.), The Politics of Method in the Human Sciences: Positivism and its Epistemological Others. Duke University Press. pp. 451--460.
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