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Daniel Moseley
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
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    Revisiting Williams on Integrity.Daniel D. Moseley - 2014 - Journal of Value Inquiry 48 (1):53-68.
    I reconstruct Bernard Williams’ integrity-based critique of Act-Utilitarianism (AU). I contend that Williams presents a compelling argument against AU, but the argument does not generalize to all impartial moral theories. I argue that Williams’ conception of personal integrity as the pursuit of one’s projects presents a strong objection to AU and it reveals the importance of widening the scope of morality to include considerations of partial inter-personal relations. I also contend that Williams’ conception of integrity can withstand the scrutiny brought (...)
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  2. The Consumer Protection Model of Decisional Capacity Evaluation.Daniel D. Moseley & Gary J. Gala - 2013 - Southwest Philosophy Review 29 (1):241-248.
    Decisional capacity evaluations (DCEs) occur in clinical settings where it is unclear whether a consumer of medical services has the capacity to make an informed decision about the relevant medical options. DCEs are localized interventions, not the global loss of competence, that assign a surrogate decision maker to make the decision on behalf of the medical consumer. We maintain that one important necessary condition for a DCE to be morally justified, in cases of medical necessity, is that the health care (...)
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    Review of Robert Kane, "Ethics and the Quest for Wisdom.". [REVIEW]Daniel D. Moseley - 2013 - Journal of Moral Philosophy 10 (6):808-810.
    Kane's ambitious and bold book presents a sustained argument for an ethical theory that gives an account of right action and the good life. The general structure of the main argument is presented and specific points are critically discussed.
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    Scherkoske, Greg. Integrity and the Virtues of Reason: Leading a Convincing Life.Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013. Pp. 264. $99.00. [REVIEW]Daniel D. Moseley - 2014 - Ethics 125 (1):276-282.
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    Robert Kane, Ethics and the Quest for Wisdom (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010), 287 Pp. ISBN 9780521199933. $85.00 (Hbk.). [REVIEW]Daniel D. Moseley - 2013 - Journal of Moral Philosophy 10 (6):808-810.